There’s a formula that freelancers need to know

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Desperation for money + imposter syndrome = getting lowballed

Imposter syndrome is something that most freelancers will suffer from at some point. It’s quite common for freelancers just starting out to suffer with it as they don’t feel they are ‘proper’ writers/artists/designers or whatever they are, yet.

But I have…

Lots probably!

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I’ve already written about how I fell into freelancing after being made redundant, but what would I do differently if I was currently in full-time employment and thinking of making that leap?

Save, save, save!

Yep, I’d be squirrelling away money at every opportunity. The biggest problem I’ve faced in my freelance career…

Put aside that pride

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Are you someone who gets a warm fuzzy feeling when you do something charitable? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it?

But what happens when someone tries to do something charitable for you? Argh, you have your pride, right? No way can you accept it. …

And rightly so.

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If you live in Britain, you’re probably one of the many wondering if you’ll have enough fuel to get to work tomorrow. Of, if you don’t, then you may have heard of some panic-buying of fuel going on.

You see, it all started when the media reported that two of…

Among other things

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I’ll cut to the chase as it’s really simple — successful people finish projects.

Sounds pretty obvious and it actually is. A novel needs to make it past the first draft to even get remotely considered for publication. A box office hit needs to make it to the cutting room…

I take naps and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

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There seems to be some kind of taboo about taking a nap during the day. Some people seem to view taking a nap as being weak somehow like you must power on with your day, there’s no time for downtime.

In the western world (or perhaps just the UK?), there…

I let myself off the hook!

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I posted this not so long ago to hold myself accountable to, well me really:

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been struggling to be productive for a while. …

We’re not really falling for your bullshit.

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Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to tell the odd little porky (lie) but as a general rule, I tell the truth. I am compulsively honest. But I know of far too many people who weave a web of lies and think they have everyone fooled. …

The reality isn’t always how we imagine it will be

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I’ve written about my freelance journey multiple times, and I’ve so far managed to muddle through but it has been very up and down.

I was working as a web developer and redundancy was looming. …

The short answer is yes. But also, no.

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Ever sat at your desk while doing some boring and laborious paperwork that seems pointless in the grand scheme of things? Ever wonder what would happen if you didn’t submit that apparently crucial report to your boss?

If we look at things on the micro-level, then a report on the…

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