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Sipping a cold cocktail while typing on your laptop as you lounge by the pool, taking the odd break to have a quick dip. That’s the dream that a lot of people will try and sell you about being a freelancer but it’s not all feet up and kicking back.

Truth be told, I love freelancing. I love the freedom and I love that I can make my own schedule. I don’t miss having to wake up early, rushing to get to work and getting told off if I’m a few minutes late.

I spent years working for other people…

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As a writer, I’m always having to read criticisms of my work and it never gets any easier. There’s the moment of dread when you see your client has sent you a response and then there’s the skimming through what they’ve written to see how bad it is. Then you quickly evaluate in your head whether what they’ve said is justified. And then there’s the sigh of relief when you rationalise their points, make a plan of action to fix the issues and realise it’s not as bad as you were expecting (well, most of the time!).

But it’s not…

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I recently read the sad news that a friend’s son, who had been battling brain cancer, had passed away at the age of 7. I cannot even begin to fathom how hard that must be to go through the pain of watching him slowly die and then finally lose him. But one thing I do know from the numerous Facebook posts is that his family has been incredibly brave and resilient throughout and they will get through this tragedy.

Being resilient does not mean they do not care and do not shed any tears. It does not mean keeping a…

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More years ago than I care to mention, I was fresh out of University and full of hope for an amazing career in, well actually, I wasn’t sure what, but I was still hopeful that it would be amazing. Only it didn’t quite happen like that. Despite my shiny new degree, I struggled to find a job let alone a career.

I eventually started work as an office administrator for a snack food company. It was low paid but it was also office experience, something that counts for a lot apparently. Around that time, okay, time to confess my age…

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